Water Nikken - Filter

Nikken basically offers 3 products for water filtration

Nikken products

Pimag Waterfall

Pimag Microjet

Nikken bottle

My opinion

Worried about the quality of my water, I started doing a lot of research to get better quality water. I did not want to opt for filtration models installed directly in the water line because the basic equipment and installation is expensive. So I turned to portable filtration models that are very efficient and less expensive.

My experience

What appealed to me more was Nikken’s multi-layered filter system in its filtration products. The filter includes, a layer of activated carbon, ceramic sand, silica sand? I feel it on the water quality or I no longer have that chlorine smell. And then the materials of the products are thick and solid over time. I’ve had them for several years and never had any problems.