Marine Cosmetics - Organic Cosmetics

True Elements ™ organic marine cosmetics

Nikken sells essential cosmetics for daily well-being in its shop.

To know :
– Face moisturizer
– Face youth serum
– Revitalizing face serum
– Velvet cleansing milk
– Radiance scrub
– Fresh tonic lotion
– Hand and foot cream

Nourishing cream from the Nikken brand
True Elements brand tonic lotion
True Elements Anti Aging Serum

My experience with marine cosmetics

The quality of Nikken’s marine cosmetics can be felt directly. When I apply the hand or face cream, for example, I don’t feel like a greasy cream that stays on the skin. It penetrates the skin well and moisturizes well. Yet even in winter when my skin is very dry.

My Opinion about Nikken Marine Cosmetics

It is for me an excellent idea to have organized the production in France. Brittany is in fact a large reservoir of seaweed. It is the biggest in Europe. And the way in which the production of algae is done, it allows to have very good quality products while having an ethical approach vis-à-vis the environment. A good compromise for top-of-the-range quality products where the environment is not in the background. And in this environmental approach, Nikken also wanted to go further by changing the packaging to make it more eco-responsible.