Home is a place where you spend a lot of time. It is a place that should be safe, reassuring and in which you feel good.

It must be the place in which you can rest and recharge your batteries. Your home is the place that reflects your personality, your tastes, your desires.

You then do everything to preserve it as best you can. Still, there may be a little glitch in your home that you can’t see. This little problem can be very painful if not taken seriously.

And fortunately, there is a relatively simple solution, a purifier, which would allow you to put an end to this little side effect. What would make all its interest in your interior.

Always good quality indoor air?

We always tend to think that our home is isolated from all outdoor pollution (pollution from cars, businesses, etc.). While this is partly true, it may nevertheless turn out that your interior is more polluted than the air outdoors.

The proof is that when we want to renew the air in our home, the first instinct is to ventilate it by opening doors and windows. The quality of an interior is almost systematically affected by various factors.

Different sources of indoor pollution

Now you know the air in your home is polluted excrement. The sources of pollution are numerous and you have to know them in order to find the best solutions.

Some sources of pollution will be obvious to you, and I’m sure you can identify them yourself. As for the others, they may be unknown to you but not totally illogical.

Daily life

First of all, there is the pollution associated with everyday life. This is the type of pollution that is best known. These are all the sudden changes the air makes during your daily habits.

This refers to cigarette smoke if you smoke indoors, but also smoke from cooking, frying, animal hair, etc. In short, everything that is felt in the air in a rather inconspicuous way.

Household equipment

Then there is the pollution directly related to the use of household equipment. We think in particular of those that contain plastic. These are also parts of your home that attract a lot of dust.

And you know, dust is a formidable enemy for people who have breathing problems. In fact, dust can accumulate everywhere.


Then there is the pollution related to the various cosmetic products that you use regularly. These are products like perfume, spray deodorant, hairspray, etc.

These products produce a whole bunch of particles that spread around your apartment as soon as you use these products. It is for this reason that it is advisable to use them in a ventilated area.

Interior products

Finally, even if there are others left but which are used occasionally, there is the pollution associated with the use of various indoor products. These are household products of course, but also products such as incense or scented candles.

Generally speaking, anything related to combustion is polluting, as is anything that makes your home smell good.

Air purifiers: the solution for healthy air?

Lucky for you, there is a solution which is the air purifier. If you don’t know what this object is, here’s a simple definition: It is an object that draws air in a room, filters out polluting elements and releases purified air into your room.

This allows you to breathe healthy air throughout the day, even when your windows are closed. Air purifiers are very effective in cleaning the air since they are designed to trap the tiniest polluting particles.


Contrary to what you might think, the air in a house is not always very healthy. Daily life, cleaning, “nice” products are bad for the air.

To stay healthy, the air purifier allows you to make your air of better quality. Your airways will thank you for it.